Just shy of 30 days ago I launched my Kickstarter campaign to get this book published – and what a whirlwind! I didn’t realize it could be such an emotional journey. I mean, it’s just publishing a book, right? Millions of people have done it!

I was worried the goal wouldn’t be met. The first day several pledges came in giving me a false sense of security. I started thinking that if it went that well all 30 days everything would be “golden”, but that’s not what happened. There were several days that remained the same, and for a long period the campaign stayed under 50% funded.

There were definitely days when I thought I would join the ranks of all the canceled and not-fully funded projects, but one to not take defeat laying down – I kept sharing and posting trying to increase pledges and it paid off!

I appreciate all the wonderful people I know who helped this happen! I look forward to sharing the finished book with you soon!

Kickstarter Chart


Along the way I attempted to reach out to people for ideas and suggestions for gaining traction, but surprisingly, people aren’t all that responsive. I reached out to a blogger I follow to ask for some tips on how she gets so much engagement and reached out to someone who previously had a VERY successful Kickstarter campaign – one I backed, as a matter of fact – and didn’t hear back from them either.

I did connect with someone who gave me some good ideas about how often to post on Instagram and Twitter, ideas on hashtags, tips on some updates to make to the website and blog and had some success using her tips.

I had a few companies reach out to me offering their {paid} services for helping me spam my friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and via email. There were mixed reviews on these companies, and my feeling was that if I was going to pay them to help me I might as well put the money toward my campaign myself!

I’m telling you this to say – if you have a dream – do not give up! As long as you keep moving forward you can get there. It may not be when you want it to be, but you will get there. You just have to decide if it’s worth it. There are times when ending the journey might make sense – specifically if you don’t have the financial means to keep doing it. And, if you are in a situation where you keep doing the same things with the same results, it’s time for a change or to pick a new direction completely. Just don’t give up on dreaming all together!


“Never, never, never quit!” ~Winston Churchill

100% funded