It’s so exciting to see things coming together to move closer to the finish line. While I’m disappointed that we aren’t there yet, I am glad to see it progressing. This has been a true test of my patience – something I am not very good at. I like to be in control, and I like things to move at lightening speed. Both of these things, I realize, aren’t always possible.

But, today, I can at least shout from the rooftops “The Book Cover is Ready!” And, you are seeing it here first (unless you’ve already looked on Facebook and/or Instagram – then you would have seen it there first!

Just Say No to Kids book cover

The best part about this book cover is the fact that it is deceiving. I love that you take a look at the cover and instantly think cute and cuddly thoughts, but once you open the book you see the reality that is a life filled with kids.

I can’t wait for you all to see this book in person! Don’t forget you can pre-order right here on the website.