After years of having this book on my mind, and randomly asking people if they wanted to illustrate it or knew an illustrator I wasn’t sure where the book would end up! I figured it just wasn’t going to become a reality…and then, I found an illustrator!

Toward the end of last year my friend Carole shared a drawing/illustration that her stepdaughter Rosy had done for her. The character traits of the artwork were exactly what I wanted – whimsical and out of the norm of what people might be expecting!

In January of this year I happened to be at the house and said “You think Rosy wants to illustrate my book?” One thing led to another and by the 20th of January Rosy had sent me a couple of illustrations to see if that was the look I was going for, and now here we are in June trying to raise money via Kickstarter to get the book published.

Not only am I excited for my dream to come true – I love the idea of being able to help a 13 year get her illustrations published for the world to see!

This was the first one she created for me. It’s perfect! It absolutely portrays what I was going for (you will have to wait for the published book to find out what this illustration means!

Baby Bear - Kickstarter


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