Heather A Stafford

Soon to be…Best Selling Author

My Story

Nearing 50 years old, I’m a single old maid who enjoys chastising children in public by telling them to be quiet and stop yelling, while giving their parents the evil eye.

Okay, that isn’t entirely true. I spent many years babysitting for other people’s children making me realize that I like kids like I like nature – from a distance.

With so many not understanding my lack of the “mom gene,” I thought this book would be the perfect way to add humor to a subject that seems to allude so many people.

Rosy Baker

The Illustrator

Jennifer (aka Rosy) is a talented girl who lent her creativity to Heather’s book. At the ripe old age of 13, Rosy was able to find humor in what was being expressed within the pages, even adding some of her own ideas to the book.

This is Rosy’s first official gig as an illustrator, and although she does not see illustrating another book in her future, she will continue to tap into her creative side to work on personal projects.